Kristof Klipfel

Technical Designer & Developer

Hey, I’m Kristof!

I’m a technical designer and developer with a passion for project development, innovation, and design.

I have experience and interests in robotics, game development, user-centered design, and human computer interaction. I strive to stay ahead of technology and produce products of the future.

I am constantly pushing myself to learn and excel at whatever I commit to. I am always looking for the next great opportunity to learn something new, build something great, and change the world for the better.

When I’m not building, I’m either racing drones or bringing people together.

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  • C++
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python

Development Software/Hardware

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Arduino
  • Unity
  • Visual Studio

Design Tools

  • Solidworks
  • Blender
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • inVision
  • Ableton Live


  • Game Development
  • Front-End Web Development
  • 3D Design/Animation
  • Laser Cutting
  • 3D Printing
  • Soldering
  • Sound Design
  • Image Compositing
  • Electrical Prototyping
  • Data Scraping
  • Drone Racing

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Magic Leap Galaxy

GGalaxy is a Magic Leap application designed to bring the solar system into your own home . GGalaxy gives the player the ability to explore high-resolution, three dimensional space objects as if they are actually in your space. The player can interact with objects and get additional information about galaxies and planets through the use of innovative technology built into the Magic Leap such as gaze tracking for object selection and voice detection for navigation and commands. Additionally, through the use of spatial audio and realistic models and materials, users can feel like they are actually flying through space.

3D Mid-Air Painting

This demo was developed to showcase the capabilities and potential of multiplayer creative collaboration within a 3D environment. Within the demo the Leap Motion was used to track hand gestures and movement. Upon a pinch gesture the user would begin to draw and was able to freely move their hand in 3D space and paint in three dimensions. This was a very popular demo and there was much excitement around it. We received both positive and negative feedback but we were able to take that feedback and improve the experience to be enjoyable, intuitive, and unique.

SR Portal Demo

Imagine being able to travel from world to world just with a simple gesture. This demo was developed to showcase the potential and capabilities of 8K 3D rendering technology and to provide the user an unforgettable journey as they travel between worlds. In this demo we incorporated 3D audio, realistic vfx, photo-realistic texturing, and humanistic design to show the user that high resolution realistic 3D rendering is the future of technology. We combine the magic of high-end graphics with interactive hand motion to allow the user to have a role in their adventure but to not make the adventure dependent upon their skill or comfort with a new technology.

Gesture-Controlled Slingshot

This demo was developed to showcase the potential of hand motion and gestural control within a gaming context. In this demo, we used the Leap Motion (hand motion tracking hardware) along with 3D stereo rendering to create an interactive glasses-free 3D experience. The experience was designed and developed around the limitations of the hardware and the usability of the player. We created a simple experience that was intuitive, fun, and natural enough for a range of players to understand and enjoy. For this experience, players were tasked with grabbing and pulling a slingshot and then aiming and releasing to fire a projectile at a range of targets. We designed the experience to match the time of year, Halloween”. We wanted it to be approachable and enjoyable for everyone so it was designed with a playful style while still maintaining a sense of urgency. The experience was tested by hundreds of participants of varying ages, backgrounds, and interests. We received extremely positive feedback and often had groups of people crowded around the display, waiting for a turn. Overall we were able to create an experience that was natural and fun yet also successfully displayed the capabilities of the technology to users who had never been exposed to it before

Lumberyard Stereo-Rendering Plugin

This project is a Stereo Rending and Weaving plugin built for Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine. This Gem was built to take dynamic eye tracking data and update the projection matrix to output stereo render frames. This plugin was implemented for the purpose of allowing users to develop games for stereo technology on the Amazon Lumberyard gaming engine platform.

Midi Motion

Midi Motion Gloves are an interactive wearable that is used to manipulate, organize, and construct audio patterns for the purpose of composing music. Acting as an interface between the user and a Digital Audio Workspace, or DAW, the gloves give a user complete control over customization of sounds, effects, tempo, recording, looping, and other musical elements. MIDI Motion gloves utilize organic human movement like finger bending, hand rotation, and finger tapping to trigger audio clips or add effects and filters, ultimately allowing the user to efficiently compose and visualize complex musical patterns in a three-dimensional space.

Built over the span of 6 months, the gloves were my first project with Arduino, physical computing, and wearables. It was an ambitious project but quickly turned into the project I’m most proud of. It was featured on various media sources including: Denver Post, Coloradan Magazine, CU Boulder Today, Local News, CU Boulder Twitter, and more. You can read more below.

In Spring 2017, I was also selected to present and compete in the 2017 TEI Student Design Challenge held in Yokohama Japan. TEI (Tangible, Embeded, and Embodied Interaction) is an international conference that focuses on research in human-computer interaction through tangible means. Midi Motion Gloves were awarded “Best Implementation” for the best usage of the technology. I was also able to publish a conference paper on the gloves, which I will link below.

Paper Mechatronics

PaperMech is a learning platform developed to share research on design tools and techniques for mechanical movements combining with paper crafting. The website was developed to provide users a digital tool to prototype and learn about mechanical mechanisms while at the same time provide documents and learning tools to build and craft their digital creations.

ActiveSAT 360

ActiveSAT360 is the extension of a creative data visualization project originally created as a midterm assignment for Space Data Studio taught by Matthew Bethancourt at the University of Colorado Boulder. The original ActiveSAT project is a captivating, interactive infographic meant to draw attention to the ever-increasing presence of satellites and debris in Earth orbit. The project utilizes a data set from the Union of Concerned Scientists that tracks and catalogs all active satellites in orbit around the Earth.

VR Audio Visual Playground

Our project is a conceptual mashup of combining music sequencing technology with 3D virtual reality technology. We wanted to draw upon some of the design metaphors of music sequencers such as the idea of programming repetitive patterns, while gaining the advantages of a 3D environment. The goal of this project was to combine these ideas to let users interact with the interface using their bodies and gestures, while still maintaining the functionality of a music sequencer.

UE4 PVP Magic

For the first semester of my last year in college I spent the semester pursuing a project I had always wanted to build and I skill I had always wanted to learn. I set out to develop a multiplayer magic melee game developed with Unreal Engine 4. I had experience with Unity 3D development but never had I done something in Unreal Engine 4. I set out to complete as much as I could throughout the semester and I accomplished more than I could have imagined. In the end I had created a game complete with:

  • A textured enviornment
  • Foliage, rocks, and river
  • Wizard animations for walking, running, and attacks
  • Base building system
  • Resource Collection
  • Inventory System
  • Crafting System
  • Storage Chest System
  • Particle Magic Spells
  • Spell Casting/Cooldown
  • Health System
  • Associated UIs

Web UI

Logo Design