Kristof Klipfel

Technical Designer & Developer

Hey, I’m Kristof!

I’m a technical designer and developer with a passion for project development, innovation, and design.

I have experience and interests in robotics, game development, user-centered design, and human computer interaction. I strive to stay ahead of technology and produce products of the future.

I am constantly pushing myself to learn and excel at whatever I commit to. I am always looking for the next great opportunity to learn something new, build something great, and change the world for the better.

When I’m not building, I’m either racing drones or bringing people together.

What I do

What I do


Game Design and Development

Using Unreal Engine, I design and develop interactive digital experiences for new technology like AR, VR, Eyetracking, hand-tracking, voice and more. I have experience with both Unreal Engine’s Blueprint visual scripting language and C++ development. I have a strong sense for intuitive interaction and design and am able to quickly iterate and ideate on new solutions and unique experiences. I have extensive experience developing with hand tracking technology like the leap motion and experience developing for Magic Leap and VR devices.


Product Prototyping

Using my experience with a variety of rapid prototyping manufacturing tools, and development platforms, I am able to quickly and efficiently transform a concept into a reality. I have acquired proficient skills in CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit design, arduino programming, game development, web application development, UI design, and more to create functional prototypes within both software and hardware.


3D Design

Through the use of Solidworks and Blender I can quickly mock-up, design, or present 3D models that could be used for a variety of purposes. I developed my CAD skills around 3D printing and therefore know what is necessary in producing a physical design that will not only be functional but will also be efficient to print and  easy to test. I am also able to create renderings of products or concepts for whatever purpose may be required.


Product R&D

Through my professional experience I have gained the knowledge and understanding of developing a product from start to finish. I have first-hand experience with market research, user testing, rapid prototyping, and professional demos. I have acquired the literacy of research and development for consumer based electronics including robotics and smart toys.


Front-End Web Development

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript I have learned how to develop websites and apps that are able to successfully serve a client desired purpose. While developing, I am also able to recognize and analyze good and bad design decisions that are important in providing a great user experience.